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Chapter 24

  • I impatiently waits for my old friend to arrive to the restaurant where we agreed to meet.
  • After years of trying to avoid each other at all cost, Anita finally decides to call me up to meet with her. The audacity of that crazy bitch to actually call me.
  • She must think I'm still that fool that she had the effrontery to mess around with in the past but boy oh boy was she wrong about that. I am no longer the powerless side kick that I used to be and I'm most definitely not going to let her say whatever she pleased today and get away with it.
  • "Rebecca?" The familiar voice of Anita Helton calls out my name with a false smile plastered on her face.
  • "Annie darling!" I exclaim, faking excitement and walking towards her to pull her in for a brief hug. No matter how much we hated each other, we could not afford to let the world know that we do.
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