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Chapter 18

  • LIAM.
  • "Hey mom, I heard you asked to see me." I greet, taking a sit beside her and I'm quick to notice that she had a very serious look on her face.
  • "Yes I did and what I have to say to you is very important son but you may not like what I'm about to tell you." She replies nervously and her tones scares me a little.
  • "You're scaring me mom, what is it?" I ask worriedly, she sighs.
  • "As you may have noticed, the fabrics that were used for the upcoming collection cost us a lot including the other expenses and that has taken a toll on us financially..." She says and I chime in.
  • "What's the problem mom? Get to the point." I ask impatiently, noticing that the stress lines on her forehead are more visible and her eyes look tired.
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