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Chapter 17

  • "You are really starting to scare me Gabrielle!" Mom yells furiously, walking into my office with her arms crossed and I could tell from her facial expression that she wasn't joking.
  • "What exactly did I do wrong this time?" I retort rudely and she frowns.
  • "Mind the way you talk to me young lady." She yells in my face and I almost roll my eyes at how dramatic she was being when I haven't even said anything.
  • "Whatever mom. May I at least know why the hell you're yelling at me?" I asks impatiently and she unfolds her hands and starts pacing around impatiently.
  • "You have been playing nice girl with your sister for way too long and I'm starting to get worried. Did you know that bratty sister of yours has been offered back her job at 'AT' and to top it off there are rumors that she and Liam are going out!" She spits out and I frown.
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