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Chapter 15

  • "Gabriella come on, you're taking forever!" Martin yells for the umpteenth time but I ignore him again, still trying to round up with my makeup.
  • He was the one who said I should look  pretty so he better deal with the consequences.
  • "I'm coming in!" I hear him holler but I'm quick to lock the door so he can't get in, hopefully I can frustrate him enough till he changes his mind about taking me with him. My head doesn't think straight when too many people are around and I'm nervous as it is.
  • "Gabriella, you forgot that this is my house and I have the spare key to your room." He reminds me and I hiss.
  • "You also forget that you're such a messy animal, it'd take you hours to actually find them." I reply and he shuts up, finally giving up on trying to intimidate me.
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