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Chapter 14

  • Fourteen years earlier...
  • We arrive in school and I sigh in frustration since everyday in school is always torture for me. I really hate it when teachers and parents tell us kids that school is fun when it's nothing but a scam.
  • To me, school just serves as a daily reminder of how sad and lonely my life is. It's like a painful way life helps me reuse and recycle my sadness, if you know what I mean.
  • Gabrielle struts in sassily in her usual bossy manner and she is quickly joined by those snakes she calls her friends, Mia, Alicia and Tracy. The four of them together are the reason I hate school. Four psychopathic children roaming around a supposedly sane environment and they claim school is safe place. Liars!
  • "Hey looser, can you move to the other side? I don't want people staring at us at the same time. It's disgraceful!" Elle taunts and as usual her dumb friends laugh like she'd just said the world's funniest joke. Crazy dimwits.
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