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Chapter 13

  • Two weeks later...
  • I lazily scroll through my phone and lucky for me, Martin wasn't too busy to keep me entertained with goofy pictures of himself, showing off his killer smile and his cheekbones that I'm definitely jealous of.
  • The cafe wasn't too busy in the evening which meant less work for me and same pay and fortunately my shift was ending in less than an hour. Someone walks in and I drop my phone very quickly almost smashing it to attend to the supposed customer only to realize it wasn't just any customer, it was Gabrielle dressed in a formal dress with a small smile on her face. She honestly looked drained.
  • "Gabrielle? What are you doing here?" I ask as I cross over towards her and she pulls me in for a quick hug and when I say quick, I mean like 1.2seconds which unfortunately is the longest genuine hug I've ever gotten from her, but at least she's trying.
  • "I was driving by and I decided to just say hello to my little sister. How have you been?" She asks and I grin.
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