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Chapter 12

  • "How did things go with Sandler?" My mom asks and I give a tight smile in response, hoping she would just get the message that I didn't want to talk about it but as should be expected, she wanted details.
  • "You need to learn to trust me Gabrielle." She hisses and I frown.
  • "Come on mom, if I don't trust you, who am I gonna trust? Besides I'm sure you can already guess what went down between that old bastard and I. I asked him to screw Ella over, he agreed but of course, sex is his payment." I give a quick explanation and she sighs.
  • "I really don't get your obsession with screwing Ella over. I thought you'd want her where she is so you can show her you're the better twin." She answers back, earning a bitter chuckle from me.
  • "Mom, let's face it, if Ella and I stood in the same position here in this industry, it would take me years to achieve what Ella would achieve in months. You and I know, I'm not the one with the talent of being a professional designer. I might be good at it but not as good as Ella so in order to avoid getting crushed by her one day, it's best I push her out now." I reply sternly and my mom bursts out laughing like I said something hilarious.
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