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Chapter 11

  • "I can't believe it mom. How the fuck did I miss this!" I yell angrily, more at myself than at my mom who looked a little terrified at my outburst.
  • "Do you think they're actually going out?" She asks and I scrunch my face in disgust.
  • "God forbid mother!" I forbid sharply, feeling completely disgusted with the idea of Ella and that Liam guy dating. That's definitely a bad combo. 
  • I would not have given a crap about them dating if I didn't just find out whose son he was and knowing that fact, I can't allow such a disastrous relationship to blossom.
  • Liam Helton was literally gold in the fashion industry and of all the women he had to cross paths with, it had to be my dumb sister. Is God finally showing his true colours.
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