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Chapter 09

  • "I'm on my way mom, I'm almost there." I reply in a hurry, before hanging up in frustration.
  • I've been driving for almost two hours just to finally meet the man my mom hasn't stop talking about and according to her, he's the co-judge for Eliana Guitarra's fashion challenge which makes him the second in command after Eliana and apparently a good friend of my mother.
  • I arrive at the hotel address given to me by my mom who had been the mastermind behind this meeting. I drop my keys with the valet not even bothering to look around since I was already running late and I don't plan on squandering this opportunity for anything.
  • "Hey mom, I just arrived but I don't know the room number." I say to my mom as soon as she picks up and she tells me the room number and also explains what I should and should not do.
  • "Okay, I get it mom, thanks." I reply her and hang up before heading to the reception.
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