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Update: 2021-04-06

Chapter 01

  • "Mom, it's not fair, I worked so hard for this position and you can't just demote me for no reason." I cry out to my mom, who didn't even take a chance to look back at me to understand how I feel.
  • It's honestly not fair that Elle and mom kick me to the curb every time I try to rise to do something for myself.
  • "THIS ISN'T FAIR!" I scream again hoping this time, she'd actually look at me and pity me.
  • ******
  • If you're reading this, then I suppose I should properly introduce myself.
  • Hi, I'm Gabriella Johansson, daughter of famous model, Rebecca Johansson and famous designer Derek Johansson and also sister of Gabrielle Johansson, and she's not just my sister, she's my identical twin but don't think too far cause we're so very different.
  • I unfortunately just got demoted in the company that I've spent five years of my life working for and guess what, I got demoted for no reason. Hold on, scratch that thought, there is a reason and it's none other than Gabrielle, my dumb twin sister.
  • My mom only fired me so she could give Elle my job after she had spent the last five years doing nothing but laze around whilst I did all the work. Does that even make any sense?
  • I honestly hate my life. It's absolutely depressing and ever since we were children, mom always preferred Elle. Her favouritism towards her was so obvious that I sometimes wondered if she really birth both of us.
  • I mean, we look the same but it's like my presence absolutely irritates her. She never once told me happy birthday but Elle always got a birthday party in her name only and I was always the invisible one.
  • Ever since my dad died, I've lived hell on earth. I became a total stranger to Elle and my mom and Elle doesn't make things any easier.
  • She literally bullied me, took anything I liked just to annoy me, embarrassed me all through high school and it was so bad that anytime any guy came any close to me, she would tell him lies to make him run or pretend to be me and embarrass him.
  • Isn't that some kind mental illness?
  • A lot of people tend to think that I'm jealous of my sister and hence all the complaints, but I'm not at all jealous. In fact, there is absolutely nothing to be jealous of.
  • I mean, not only is she a crazy whore, she's also a bully, she's lazy and if you think she's beautiful then I guess I am too since we practically look the same with only slight differences.
  • At the moment, I hate myself. I just got demoted from vice president to the position of secretary to the new VP. I'm not even allowed to design again neither am I allowed to help in anything deeply related to the fashion industry.
  • I'm a designer and not a secretary, and if mom and Elle think they'll embarrass me like that, then they are absolutely crazy cause over my dead body would I stoop so low and go back to that office.
  • I need to get a new job and re-strategize for a new life. No more of being the dumb girl or the humble and hardworking girl. I need to rewrite my own life and stop being my mom's toilet paper.
  • "Omg Mom, I'm so happy!" I squeal excitedly, hugging my mom tightly cause she's just the best mom in the world.
  • "Well, I'm happy you're happy sweetheart. Congratulations again cause you're officially the new vice president of Elite Fashion and I'm sure you'll make me proud." Mom says assuringly and of course, I agreed with her.
  • I've always been mom's favourite daughter. Mom always chose me over that stupid excuse of a sister I have.
  • I really have no idea why God gave me a twin sister in the first place. w
  • We even have similar names, how annoying.
  • If you ever met that fool, you'll be bored within ten seconds, not only is she boring, she's tacky, obnoxious, stupid, irritating, and the only reason I won't say she's ugly is cause she has my face and I am far from ugly believe me but if you get to know her, you'll understand why I hate her.
  • She will always be beneath me no matter how hard she works.
  • "Mommy, I really hope Ella won't ever come back." I ask with a pout, smiling smugly on the inside knowing full well that mom was always gonna be on my side.
  • It doesn't even matter if I am wrong, she'll still support me and abandon that stupid idiot.
  • "Don't worry baby, I already gave her a position in the company that suits her perfectly." My mom stated calmly and I deadpan. Am I loosing my mom? Does mom already love that stupid twin of mine? Oh my God I'm doomed.
  • "Mom, how could you? The plan was to take Ella out of the company completely so she never finds out about you know what." I screamed angrily at my mother hoping that my sweet little charms can still work on her.
  • "Relax Elle, remember your father left this entire company all to your sister and you know how much stress I went through to forge another will stating that you own this. I don't want to kick your sister out completely, what kind of mother does that? I still have a reputation to live up to so I need to seem like I'm a good mother to both of my daughters." Mom explains calmly but I still didn't like the idea.
  • If only father had been sensible enough to leave everything for me, things wouldn't be this way. My father was an idiot, a hypocrite and a bad father, he left me with nothing but a few hundred millions but then left the million maker to my stupid sister.
  • It's not like I'm a good designer, but the fact is this company holds so much power and that power is what I want, what I crave for.
  • Money wasn't the only important thing to me, I loved the idea of being looked upon like a goddess and for everyone to respect me and for that, I needed this company, so sorry sister but you are never gonna have that power cause you don't deserve it, I do.
  • "So mom, what position did you give her, I hope it was a janitorial one." I hiss angrily, hoping I was right.
  • "I'm sorry sweetie but it wasn't. I made her a your secretary so she can directly serve you and won't disturb you too much." She says.
  • "Her presence in my life alone is a disturbance, but don't worry mom, I can still trample all over her as much as I want." I reply her with different imageries of me walking all over her at work.
  • I sincerely hope the dump bitch takes the job. It would be fun to watch her slave around while I sashay all over the place and take what's her without her even realising it.