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Chapter 18

  • [In Sav's point of view ]
  • Dead. That was how I felt on the inside when they were done. My whole body felt numb like it wanted to leave me.
  • After they left me alone, I stayed in the room for minutes. I was confused, scared out of my mind, and the first thing I thought of was what did I to deserve that.
  • They left me there in tears and in pain. When they walked out of the door, they took with them my pride, my joy and my soul. I had so many thoughts going through my mind.
  • I walked out of the darkroom back into the club. I did my best to keep my composure as not to give anything away. I sneaked out of the club back into the hostel without being noticed.
  • I went straight into the shower to wash down immediately I went back. I couldn't live another minute with them all over me. I wanted to wash them off me. The stinky scent of alcohol and semen they left on me along with the scars of trauma.
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