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Chapter 3 Mated And Neglected

  • Chassy
  • “Come in,” I heard Alpha Xander say, so I turned the knob and opened the door before I got in. I tried to feel and look relaxed because I didn't want to give him any idea about how I felt about our bond. After I closed the door and was about to walk to where his laundry was, I was stunned to see him by the bathroom door with only a towel wrapped around his waist. It was mind-blowing. Not because it was the first time that I saw an opposite s*x only in his towel, but because I know to myself that he is mine and I want him.
  • No, I shouldn't want him. He will never accept me and will only reject me. I’m sure of it. So, after I mustered up my courage, with my head down, I said,
  • “I will just get your laundry, alpha.”
  • “Alpha you say?” he asked. So he knew that I was his mate from a long time ago and he did nothing while I was being mistreated. My mate, who was supposed to be my source of security, especially when he was an alpha and the strongest one, chose to bang another she-wolf or woman rather than take care of his bullied and wolf-less mate.
  • “Yes, Alpha,” I replied.
  • “You know who I am to you,” he said.
  • “Yes, you are my Alpha.” I insisted. I am not going to give him satisfaction by mocking me. I am not going to claim him. I don’t have a wolf, so it won’t be too hard. There is no one who will get hurt other than me.
  • I heard him growling but I didn’t flinch and let my head down. “Look at me,” he said, and so I did. He was looking at me intently and this mate bond made me feel like wanting him as soon as our eyes met. I don’t have a wolf so I shouldn’t feel this way, so why?
  • Then I felt my feet being swept off the floor and I was carried to his bed. No, this is not going to be good. I shouldn’t let the mate bond overtake me. “Put me down!” I shouted. I know that he is my alpha and I have no right to do that to him. But I didn’t want him to touch me. It made my whole being feel the desire that I think was not good for me.
  • “Why are you resisting it?”
  • “I don’t know what you are talking about, Alpha. Just let me do what I came here for.” I replied and he just looked at me and I did the same. After a while, he smirked. Yeah, smirk all you want because I am not going to let myself fall for the bond that only those who have a wolf should feel.
  • “Oh, that has been my plan,” he said and kissed me. My eyes widened in shock because I never thought that he would be doing that to me. I know the type of woman he likes and I am far from that, so why is he doing this? Even if I was his mate, the fact that he was with another woman, even after knowing that I am his, is enough for me to hate him even more.
  • I tried to push him, but who am I fooling? No matter what I do, I can never do that. He is an alpha and way stronger than me. Plus my body wanted him as well. No, this is not happening. I should stop him. I won’t be able to leave the pack if I am going to let him do as he pleases.
  • Wait, if he wanted me, does that mean that he is going to claim me? Then will I become Luna? With that in mind, I decided to accept him. This must be the moon goddess saved and stored for me. To be with the strongest alpha in the region. Even if I didn’t know how, I tried to respond to his kisses. He stiffened for a moment, maybe he never thought that I was going to do that. But I am willing to take a leap and risk my feelings. I may not like him as much, but he is still my mate.
  • I felt his hand travel down my body and I feel my skin burning whenever his hand goes. I didn’t know that it felt like this. It’s like there was no one around us, well, literally yes, because it was only me and him in his room. But more to that, my mind turned numb and couldn’t think anymore.
  • The laundry and cleaning that I was supposed to do in his room were long forgotten as our bodies collided. It was painful as it was my first time and I thought that he was already done, but I was wrong. “Alpha…” I moaned when I felt that I was about to cum again. He was so gentle and caring that I thought that he was going to mark me.
  • But after how many times we did it, he didn’t. We were both panting, lying on his bed and, I admit it, I was above the clouds and I didn’t want to end it. I looked at him and found him looking at me as well. I was about to ask him why he didn’t mark me, but he talked first.
  • “Get dressed. Take my laundry and leave.” I was stunned. I never thought that he was going to tell me that. My heart clenched because of the pain, as it was almost a rejection. He made me feel like I was just another woman that warmed his bed. I wanted to yell at him and hit him as hard as I could. But I know better than to do. I was in pain and, in addition to the suffering because of my mother and the pack, his indirect rejection beat all the pain they caused me.
  • He got up and picked up the towel that was on the floor as well as my clothes. He looked at it and, under different circumstances, I would rather die of embarrassment at the way he held them before he threw them at me. I wanted to cry, but maybe, just maybe, my heart was already immune to pain so no matter how hurt I was, my tears didn’t fall.
  • I grabbed my clothes and wore them, then went to where his laundry was before I went out of his bedroom without looking at him. I may appear unaffected, but my heart was torn into pieces. The people whom I thought would be there for me are the ones who hurt me the most. First, my father, who left me in my mom’s care. Then my mother, who hates me and mistreated me. Now, my mate, whom I thought was my ray of hope and would take me out of my misery. How can the moon goddess be this cruel to me?
  • With an aching heart, I did all my remaining chores. But I never thought that the pain that Alpha Xander, my mate, just gave me didn’t end there. And I want to end my life before he kills me first because of the unbearable pain.