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Chapter 9 Intense Sex

  • My entire being was completely consumed by John's domineering energy as he pounded into me from behind. At the moment he had me up on my hands and knees as he stood over me, sinking his cock so deep and from a position l was not used to. His hands were gripping my chin and throat as he relentlessly pounded. It felt as if he was claiming me, trying to show me that he meant business.
  • After a hot heated kiss, he carried me quickly all the way to my room. Per now, I was regretting why the hell l accepted to have a one night stand with him. *God! I was soon going to die*. I had been screaming and moaning for a solid full hour , orgasm after orgasm ripping through me and the guy just kept going. He was like the damn Energizer bunny fucking me in different styles. "Does his battery ever die?", I wondered inwardly as l met his every thrust. "You fucking like this, don't you?", He rasped in my ear as l half moaned and half yelled a long yes.
  • "You like it when my cock fucks your tight pussy?", I again half moaned and half screamed when l heard his erotic question. "Yessss... Oh John... Fuck me", My core tightened up once more as another orgasm tore through my body. Who knew l had it in me?!. As my entire body trembled and my loud moans filled up the room , John continued on like a trooper. And then he was grunting his own release once more.
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