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Chapter 8 One Night Stand

  • Several drinks into the night and I found myself standing alone in the kitchen. A few people stopped to talk to me but it was such small talk that l had already forgotten about them. I was feeling bored to tears but l had nothing to do right now. Alecia was flirting with some girl across the room and Evie was nowhere to be found.
  • It wouldn't surprise me if she were off with that bad - boy looking guy. John was MIA was well but it was all useless. Boredom was setting in hardcore and l debated on just going back at home. However just as l was still debating, l watched Alecia walk over to me with her lips pouted.
  • "Why are you standing here all alone and not on your back for John yet", She spoke out after making her way to me. "Nice", I replied dryly. "I went from being a nun to all of the sudden a slut?, How am I portraying myself to you?", I asked with seriousness on my face. Giggling, Alecia wrapped up her arm around me.
  • "Ggirrrl", She dragged out. "I like messing with you besides, l know how deep down your not a nun", She spoke while slowly dragging me towards the living room. "Let's turn this night into a memorable night, shall we?", She giggled. I didn't reply her sooner. I was honestly terrified of her words.
  • I barely knew this girl so l had no idea what she was about to do. "Please just don't embarrass me", I inwardly thought. As we entered the living room, l finally saw where John had disappeared. He was sitting on the couch with a less than honorable looking girl on his lap. He didn't seem to be paying her much attention but she was all over him.
  • His hand rested on her bare thigh and l couldn't seem to pull my gaze away from it. It was when I felt his eyes on me when I finally peeled them away and stared right into his. The expression on his face was unreadable but it still made me uncomfortable. It almost felt like as if he was bothered by my presence even though his expression didn't portray that.
  • Alecia continued to pull me towards him and when I tried to break free from her hold, she held my hand tighter. "Don't be a chicken Rianna, show this girl who John truly belongs to", Alecia whispered to me. "He doesn't belong to me", l replied knowing that it was the truth. I barely knew the guy so how could he belong to me.
  • "Alecia please.........", I pleaded but she wasn't listening to me. She walked me right up to John and kneed the girl's leg. "Get up you harlot, this spot is taken", She spoke boldly without any fear. "Excuse me?!", The girl sounded disgusted as she turned to glare at us. I turned my gaze from her and looked at John who had an amused expression on his face but he stayed silent not trying to break up the little scene in front of him.
  • "I said move", Alecia barked shoving the girl clearly off of John's lap. I watched her land with a thud on the floor and l shook my head. Alecia was really a bitch. "What is your problem?!, John are you going to let her treat me like this", Her hands went to her hips as she threw daggers at Alecia.
  • Alecia shoved past her and pushed us both down onto the floor making sure that I was right next to John. His warm arm pressed against my side and l held up my breath. This was incredibly uncomfortable and I wanted to run. I felt John's shoulder shrug against mine, the thing which worsened my situation.
  • "I don't even know who you are - so yeah l let her speak to you that way", His Russian accent came out a bit stronger than normal and l found myself nervously looking down at my lap. The girl scoffed and then turned to leave. Thank goodness that's over with. "I brought you a present, Lucas", Alecia purred as she leaned over. She then grabbed his hand and placed it on my knee.
  • My entire body tensed noticing that John wasn't trying to pull his hand away from my knee. "And what kind of present is that?", He asked cocking an eyebrow before he looked down at me. The brazen look in his eyes made a shock wave to move throughout my body until l felt the familiar ache in my body. Damn he is good looking.
  • Alecia sat back before she stood to her feet ."l just delivered it to you on a sliver platter. Be nice to it. "She winked down at me before she turned and left.What the hell, Alecia?! And why was she referring to me as"it?" What a bitch.......
  • Sitting here silently next to John made me incredibly uncomfortable and I had no idea what to say or do,so I did nothing. My heart was hammering in my chest as my eyes slid down to his hand still resting on my knee. He still had not moved it and when I looked back up to him,he was staring in my eyes.
  • "Why did Alecia just present you to me as an offering?, Have you been telling her things about me? Things that you might want to do to me....", His perfect brow lifted up in amusement and l nearly fall out. The sultry tone in his voice and the way he looked at me just now sent me into a whirlwind of arousal that left me dizzy.
  • "Don't flatter yourself", l breathed out while trying to regain some composure but l didn't find it at the moment. It was difficult to think around him but to throw me in the wolf's den while the wolf was touching me. I was a mess right now. "Ohhh! I dont...... But l think you like to", He leaned towards me and l felt his warm breath just below my ear.
  • "How about we go somewhere more private and l discuss this flattery a bit more.....", I felt his teeth drag lightly across my lobe and every warning bell went off in my head. My core tightened and my nipples hardened into tight buds in seconds, pressing uncomfortably in my bra. Just feeling his teeth on my lobe made me want to jump to his bones right now but I controlled myself. If l do that, l will be just like those other girls and I refused to be that for him. I wanted him to come to me first.
  • If l cave in to him right here and right now , he will be proud of himself that he has won. I wasn't ready to let that happen. Quickly standing up on my feet, l cleared my throat. "I'm good", l replied finding composure I was searching just moments before. "I won't sleep with you even if you the last man on earth", l spoke confidently but it was the biggest lie I have ever told myself. He was so fucking hot and of course l knew it that soon or later my body will betray me.
  • He didn't respond but by the look on his , it showed me that I had won. It was perhaps his first time to be rejected by a girl. Smiling to myself, l walked out of the room. I was in need of fresh air, my entire body was on fire. This was my first time to turn down a fucking handsome guy. I was Sexually active but still l turned him down.
  • I took a deep breath as l stood on the balcony. I stared around for a moment but still nothing caught my attention. All I had in my mind was the hot bastard. There was something so domineering about him and that was keeping me attracted to him. I had a feeling that a one night stand with him will prove that. Right now l really hoped that he doesn't take long to come because I didn't know how much I can hold out here.
  • After some minutes just as l was lost in my thoughts, l soon felt warm hands on my shoulders before l was quickly spun around and pressed against the rails. It was no one else but Lucas. He stood there staring down at me with a tight jaw then his hand reached out and gripped my chin , making my eyes to meet with his.
  • "So you wouldn't fuck me if l were the last man on earth, huh! Let's just see about that", He spoke and before I could react, his lips slammed his lips on mine. I tried to push him away but he quickly took the bait and slid his tongue in my mouth. Just like l expected, my body betrayed me but still this was just a one night stand.
  • Yes!! Just a one night stand.. just to prove how skilled he was in the bed.