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Chapter 7 Sexual Tension

  • "You know what this means , right? John wants to totally fuck you", Evie giggled while clapping her hands excitedly. "Why else would he invite you over tonight", She went on. "Evie stop trying to scare the nun, l like her that way", Alecia winked at me. I clenched my fist trying my level best to calm down myself. They were seriously getting on my nerves.
  • Without doing anything, l turned, left the kitchen then headed over to the house next door. I was sick of their taunting and teasing. I came all the way from the club, told them what John told me but still they started to tease me The only thing I could do right now was to get a drink. However before I could reach the gate, the girls were already hot on my heels. "You know Alecia is just messing with you, right?", Evie asked, throwing her arm around my shoulder.
  • "We don't actually think that you a nun. Maybe just a dedicated woman from congregation", She stifled a laugh and I shoved away from her. If these girls knew something about my past , they wouldn't be teasing me like this. They will probably bow down at my feet before asking for a lesson.
  • "Hey", Just as I was walking away from Evie, a guy's voice boomed from the deck and on turning, l noticed that he was the same guy Evie was distracted by last night. He was probably living next door too. She was lucky for that. Upon a quick examination of him in the dim light, l could see that he was a very attractive guy and it wasn't surprising me that Evie was into a guy like him. He screamed bad-boy.
  • "Hey baby", Evie ran to him and threw her hands around his neck before they began making out like a couple of horny teenager. They seriously needed to get a room or else they were soon going to fuck themselves without minding at me. Just as l was staring, Alecia all of the sudden hooked her arm into mine and tugged me past them and into the house next door.
  • John wasn't lying when he said it was a small party. It was nothing like ours from last night. There were literally less than twenty people here and most of them stayed in their own little groups. "John", Alecia beamed but while pulling me to him. "Where can two sexy ladies get a drink from around here?", She leaned forward and gave him a peck on his lips but she didn't pull her lips away quickly.
  • It totally caught me off guard and I found myself gawking at the scene in front of me. "Isn't she a gay?", I was now confused. Neither of them seemed weird about it. It was as if it was normal between them. When she lastly pulled away, John looked over at me but it was a cold glare. I felt my body shiver at that. There was a reason why he was looking at me.
  • "I know where you can get a drink Alecia but am not seeing another sexy chick around here", He looked over my head for dramatics and l instantly wanted to punch him. Was he trying to be funny?, If he was then it wasn't working. He was an asshole and l was a bitch too. "Is it possible to find a gentleman around here or is the house lacking any of those", Wanting to jab back, l stated loud and clear.
  • Alecia snorted while Lucas's jaw flexed. His eyes pierced into mine but I also held up his gaze. I currently knew it that it was a weak jab but what else did l have to work with him?. I was clearly grasping at straws again. Why did this guy make so crazy?! Leaning forward, John brought his lips dangerously close to my ear.
  • "If a gentleman is what you want , you're in a wrong place but something is telling me that you not the type of girl who wants and needs a gentleman.... ", He stood back still staring into my eyes then handed each of us a drink. When I went to grab mine, he held on to the glass than longer testing me.
  • The way he was looking at me now and the tone in his voice as his breath tickled my neck, sent me into a daze. I had never been turned on by a statement like that in my life. And he was right , l wasn't definitely the type of girl who wanted or needed a gentleman. Sure l liked the idea of being wined and dined but who am l kidding?, Any man who can rock my world in the bedroom and then cuddle me afterwards was all l wanted - all l craved.
  • John turned and walked away and then got into conversation with other guys in the room. But when my eyes followed him, l noticed how he kept looking back at me too and when our eyes locked up, they held for a long moment. My heart began hammering in my chest and l felt like I couldn't tear my eyes away even if I wanted to.
  • He was like a giant magnet and l was stuck. "Holy shit girl what the hell was that", Alecia's voice pulled me out of my reverie. Pulling my gaze from John, l sipped on my drink then peered at Alecia. "Just a playful banter", l shrugged my shoulders then turned my attention to my glass.
  • "I have never seen such a playful banter like that before,. The sexual tension between the two of you is like electricity , all the hairs stood up on the arm, girl! If you don't see where this goes, l will lose my mind", She fanned her face. "I have never seen John like this with a girl before, he normally has that hard ass domineer about him right before they disappear in a bedroom but with you....", She clicked her tongue and shook her head.
  • "He is into you girl, l have never seen this before, what other tricks do you have up those sleeves of yours?",
  • Her next words made me chuckle and I turned my gaze back to John. He was laughing with those guys ,l instantly wised l hadn't looked. His smile made me swoon almost i'mmediately and l knew. I was in big trouble and Alecia was Right. The sexual tension between us was palpable. Now I will just have to make him come to me .. I wasn't ready to go to him like the other girls...!! Game on.