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Chapter 5 So Arrogant

  • "You stole it, where is it?",
  • "I didn't steal anything you crazy bitch!",.
  • A huge crash erupted just outside my bedroom door, shaking it from it's hinges right before I heard one of them scream at the top of their lungs. What a way to wake up, huh?!
  • "Get off me! !"
  • The commotion in the hall only got worse and things were being broken; Glass shattered and bodies hit the walls. Slipping out of my bed, l ran to my door and whipped it open only to find Evie and Alecia going at it like a couple of spoiled brats. Alecia's hand had a wad of Evie's hair while Evie gripped her wrists screaming profanities at her. It was a total shit show.
  • "I know you stole it, l want it back!", Alecia screamed making me wonder what in the hell she was talking about! What was stolen?!
  • They continued to go at it and l knew one of them was bound to lose some hair if l didn't stop this mess. "Hey", l screamed but they didn't budge. "Girls!", I screamed but it was still nothing. Putting my fingers up to my mouth, l whistled loudly that it made my ears ring. They both stopped and stared over at me.
  • "What the hell is going on?", I asked. Now separated, the girls glared at each other with death glares. Honestly if looks could kill, one of them would be dead right now. "Evie stole my Gucci bag", Alecia whined. Evie snorted. "And why would I do that?, I don't even carry a bag, so why would I carry yours?", She grabbed something from the hall table - a vase, l think and held it up to throw it at Alecia.
  • "Evie", l scolded. "Put the vase down", l spoke seriously before I turned to Alecia. "Do you have proof that Evie stole it?", I asked her. Pouting her bottom lip, Alecia continued to glare at Evie but finally shook her head. "No, but I know that she did, she knows how much l love that bag",
  • "We had over a hundred people here last night.... Did you lock your door before the party?, They were a lot of girls here last night, Do you have any enemies?", Questions fall out of my mouth without hesitating. Realization swam through her eyes as she looked between me and Evie. "I'm sorry babe. I just....."
  • "Hey don't worry about it", Evie replied before she stepped up and wrapped her in a hug. "We will find it",
  • Watching these two do a complete 180 made my head to spin. Just seconds ago they were tearing each other apart and now they were hugging. I seriously needed some Bailey's in my coffee to deal with them. "So it's settled then? We don't want to kill each other?", I looked between the two like a scolding mother.
  • They both shook their heads. "No we're good", They replied in unison. "Good", l walked via them and headed downstairs, hoping like hell that they had a coffee maker in this place. After getting here last night, l didn't get to really look around at my house and partially that was because they were many people in the house.
  • The house was blissfully quiet compared to last night but the garbage lining the floors in a each room was a disaster. It looked like a tornado went through here last night. I'm not cleaning up this mess. Nope. No way.
  • Digging through the cupboard, l finally found what l was looking for. "Oh! Thank you Baby Jesus... ...
  • "Good morning",
  • I instantly screamed at the top of my lungs when I heard the voice behind me. Spinning around, l i'mmediately came to face with John standing in the kitchen door way that led to the backyard. I noted how he much looked better this early morning than he did last night. Probably because he wasn't shit faced right now.
  • The five o'clock stubble along his jaw was nice to look at and his ocean blue eyes were a bit softer. "What the hell are you doing here?, You almost gave me a heart attack", l set the coffee tin down on the counter and stared at him. "I heard Evie and Alecia tearing each other apart - I thought I would come to break it up but from the sounds of it, l don't have too", His eyes gave me a once over as he spoke and that quickly made me feel self conscious.
  • I quickly looked down at myself then realized that l was standing here just in a black short t-shirt and panties. Coming face to face with a guy in the morning was something l last expected to happen. "Yeah, they are fine", I tugged at the bottom of my t-shirt hoping to hide more of my ass and thighs.
  • "You can go now", l added when I saw a mischievous grin form on his face. "Not when you making coffee", His Russian accent seemed more thicker than before. "I don't remember inviting you", l sounded a bit harsh and l also turned to face the coffee pot. He didn't respond sooner to me and when he didn't, l looked over my shoulder. I surprisingly found him glaring at me through hooded eyes.
  • "I don't need an invitation", He lastly sneered and from his tone, l knew it that he was pissed off. But why?!
  • "Are you always this angry?, It doesn't suit you", l sneered back but I was lying. To be honest the angry John was far sexier than the drunk and smiling John. "Yes, I'm always this angry", He stated the matter of factly.
  • Grabbing the mug from the Keurig, l turned and slide it in front of him. I did it humbly, l didn't want to get off on the wrong foot with this guy especially now that he was our neighbor and l will be seeing him a lot. He said l was funny last night - might as take advantage of my humour.
  • "I would be angry too all the time if my parents named me John", l joked as l watched his cup freeze before it touched his lips. His eyebrow cocked in amusement as l watched the corner of his eyes scrunch up. Was he smiling?
  • I could tell the wheels were turning in his head but nothing came out of his mouth. Did l win that round?! I surely wanted to know why he was John and yet he was a Russian.
  • "Well played Arizona", He grinned mischievously while holding up his cup. "It's Rianna", l sneered. "I don't care", He stood up i'mmediately and took the mug with him. "Darn it", l groaned out in frustration as I watched him walk out of the door, he entered moments before. "What an arrogant asshole?, Who the hell does he think he is? That bas.... tard...", I couldn't even think straight.
  • Fuming, l grabbed my cup of coffee then rushed upstairs. I really needed to think of a way I could deal with a guy like him.