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Chapter 4 Something Is Strange

  • "Hey you must be our new roommate", A beautiful woman with short dark hair and perfect black eye make up came out of nowhere. She actually startled me making me jump. "Yeah am Rianna", l stated looking down at my now empty cup damn. I could feel her gaze staring a hole into the side of my head and even though l tried to ignore her, l couldn't.
  • Looking over, l noticed that she was checking me out as a dude would. "So tell me beautiful", She slurred out, reaching up to tuck a strand of my hair behind my ear. "Are you single"
  • "How do l tell her in a polite way that l don't play on her team?. Or maybe she's just being friendly", I wondered for a moment before responding. "For the moment but I have got my eye on a few hot guys here tonight", l hoped that was enough to tell her that I wasn't a gay. She was a gorgeous woman and if actually I were a gay, l would have definitely seen myself hooking up with someone like her.
  • Grinning she nodded. "I get it. Welcome to the house , Evie is a bit handful and has a bad attitude so don't cross her, I'm Alecia and you will see me coming and going at all hours of the night, that's the reason why Evie put me in a bedroom on the first floor. The other two girls....", She talked without hesitating but later paused and looked around.
  • "Well you probably won't see much of them. They are total book worms and they rarely come out of their caves", She added and before l could respond, she wicked and walked away from me. I was honestly not sure how to take my first interaction with Alecia. she seemed like a nice chick but looks can be deceiving sometimes.
  • Remembering that my glass was empty, l headed back towards the kitchen but l got sidetracked when l saw some commotion going on in the backyard. It looked like a giant circle of bodies was surrounding someone upside. Heading out, l got a better view from the deck and saw that they were clearing on someone doing a keg stand. Of course they were. What else am going to witness tonight.
  • Upon closer examination, l noticed that it was none other than the sinfully attractive guy named John - from earlier. Seriously though there was no way that his name is John. He is clearly from Russia and there was no way in hell would his parents name him such a boring name.
  • "Ninety nine! One hundred", The crowd cheered out as John was placed back on the ground, right side up. He held his arms up triumphantly as everyone cheered him on. He looked happy but when his eyes scanned the crowd and locked on mine , his smile immediately disappeared from his face. What is this guy's problem? Is he like this to all new people or just me?.
  • But what did I do wrong to him?
  • "John! John! John!", The crowd began to chant and finally l watched him pull his gaze from mine, his smile spreading across his beautiful face as he enjoyed his moment in spotlight. My guess was that this wasn't going to be the first and probably not the last time for him to look at me like that. Rolling my eyes, l headed back inside and went in search of a new drink.
  • I planned on getting through my first night in the new house with a massive party pursued so l better be lit for it. After getting a refill, l headed back outside, enjoying the cool night air. It was rare in Arizona to have a night like this. The weather was perfect for a light jacket while sitting around a fire but l didn't see one lit in the pit near the back of the yard.
  • What a shame. But at the same time, it's probably a good thing a fire wasn't lit around all these drunk college kids. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a burning ban, actually. My eyes scanned the crowd in the yard,noting how different the people were compared to the ones I had seen in Arizona.
  • It must be true what they say about people from across the country being so different. I was seeing it first hand. Most of the students l knew from Arizona wouldn't be caught dead drinking like this but here in Massachusetts it was damn different. It was a nice breath of air. The school l attended in Arizona was such a drag.
  • "Rianna"
  • I whipped towards my name and l saw Evie holding up John but just barely. He looked like a sack of potatoes dragging down Evie's body, even though she was a strong looking girl for her size.
  • "Help me!", She cried out. "He weighs a ton",
  • Running quickly over to her, l snuck John's other hand around my own shoulders, holding him up the same way as Evie was. "Where to?", I asked already feeling tired from the weight of his body. She nodded to the house next to ours. "There", l gawked at the house, noting that it was literally fifty feet ours. Evie had to be kidding me.
  • "Rianna come on!", Evie began tugging him towards the fence gate before she kicked it open. "I hate when he does his", Evie whined. "What the hell happened to him? , I just saw him a few minutes ago and he was fine basking in his glory", l asked eager to know more. Evie first groaned outas hiked his arm further up unto her shoulder then she tugged us towards back door of the dark house.
  • "He drinks until he blacks out, the guy seriously has some demons in his closet or something because when he is sober , he is the biggest asshole on the campus.... but ...Jeeez ", She groaned out again losing her grip. "But when he drinks he is the life of the party", she put all of his weight onto me.
  • I whimpered out feeling my muscles beginning to shake. Evie opened up the back door before taking his other arm back taking half of his weight. Taking a few deep breaths, l regained a little of my weight and helped Evie move him into his house. His feet dragged behind us as we walked and kept knocking into things as we went. Evie didn't seem to notice that or even care about them.
  • "Here we are", Evie breathed out kicking another door open to reveal a small bedroom right off from the living room. "So, this is something he does a lot", l asked as we finally kicked the bed and dropped his body into it. As soon as we were done, we stood back, both out of breath. She nodded her head. "Yeah he is a bit of disaster. But ", she shrugged her shoulder.
  • . "He is our disaster"
  • "Since he lives right next door, get used to seeing his face and if he gives you hell, Rianna give it back to him", slapping my back, she left me alone in the room and disappeared in the darkness. Without hesitation l stared down at John's sleeping face. There was something very calming about him and the way he looked when he slept . It was almost like he didn't have a care in the world.
  • Swiping a bit of loose hair from his eyes, l continued to stare down at his face. "What's your story John?", I whispered, realizing that l honestly wanted to know it. I was just new in the place but his strange ways caught up my attention. I really wanted to know something about him.
  • "Urghhh, it's none of my business", Turning off the light, l walked out of his room then headed back to the pounding party house next door.