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Chapter 3 Can A Bitch

  • Feeling thirsty l headed back downstairs and went in search of Evie. The place was still so crowded, l basically had to shove my way through until I found the kitchen. Clouds of smoke billowed through the air and that's when I heard Evie's voice. She was screaming at whoever was smoking in the house.
  • "Dude if you don't get the fuck out of here in five seconds, l will personally escort you out of here", She scolded angrily. I snickered under my breath loving how she was taking care of business. I think me and Evie we going to be fast friends. We were so much alike already, l inwardly felt that though l haven't gotten to know her yet.
  • "We got a problem here, Evie?", A tall muscular guy asked as he approached Evie from behind. He looked like a brick wall and if l were the kid smoking in here right now, l would have been terrified of him. "We might", She replied him. "I think we need to show this asshole the sidewalk", Evie nodded her head once and two huge guys came out of nowhere, grabbed the kid then hauled him out of the kitchen.
  • Once the kid was removed, everyone seemed to get back into the party, not even blinking. Evie turned , shaking her head when she looked and saw me. Winking at me, she turned towards the counter and grabbed two drinks and then came walking over to me. "We have got some real douchebags around the campus, you gotta watch out for yourself", She handed me a drink and l took it before taking a greedy sip.
  • "So what's your story, Arizona?", Looking up l noticed that she was intently watching at me. The look on her face told me that she was being careful with me. She didn't know me at all and l didn't blame her for having her guard. I do the same thing actually. "My story isn't that interesting", l lied staring down at my drink in my hands.
  • "Seriously? You get transferred clear across the country during your senior year and your life isn't exciting?", She snorted lifting up her glass to her lips. I shook my head when I heard her words. I had just arrived and didn't want to scare her off with my intense story just yet. There would be plenty of time for that, but right now, l just needed to be here like the girl no body knew . I wanted to be a mysterious new girl for a bit little longer.
  • Thankfully l didn't have to keep talking when the guy got puked on earlier came into the kitchen. It was obvious that all female eyes on him and it almost sounded like the room got quieter . "Strange", l thought. He was impressive but not that impressive. Ah! Who the hell am I kidding. He surely was.
  • "Yo. John", Evie called out, waving the sinfully attractive guy in our direction. I felt my cheeks and chest raise several degrees when he looked over and right into my eyes. However he continued to hold that cold dead stare as he approached, making me gulp. "What's up Evie?",I couldn't help but notice the light Russian accent in his voice and immediately l had a million questions for him.
  • "I wanted to introduce you to our new roommate. This is...... ", She paused and looked over at me. "sorry, l forgot your name already" ,
  • Clearing my throat, l replied shly. "It's Rianna ....",
  • "Rianna, a sweet name for a sweet girl", Evie teased and instantly l felt my hands clench in anger. She knew nothing about me. I was far from being sweet. She will figure it out soon or later. "She is from Arizona, just transferred in", She introduced and John nodded his head eyeing me intently. "Welcome to Mass", He reached around us and took a drink from the counter then lifted it up to his lips seconds later.
  • His eyes kept constant contact with mine over the rim of the glass, making me shift uncomfortably from foot to foot. "Thanks", l replied timidly pulling my gaze from his finally. Before Evie could say anything, he pointed at me. "Weren't you that girl who let that fucker puke all over my back?, Thanks for that anyway, l loved that shirt ", I couldn't tell by the tone in his voice if he was being playful or serious. Russian accents were like that though l still looked offended to it.
  • "Let him?, I didn't let him do anything. He got that way all on his own", l scoffed at him as l stared up into his piercing ocean blue eyes. I also stepped so close to him that our knuckles touched holding our glasses. "Maybe if you're weren't standing there, he wouldn't have gotten sick on you", l knew it that l was grasping at his straws but it was what I had to do right here.
  • His jaw flexed a few times as he stared down at me, challenging me with his eyes. "Who did you say, this chick was Evie?", Tearing his gaze from mine, he turned it to Evie. "Arizona. Transferred", She waved her hand dismissively and turned her attention back to the guy that looked like he just walked off the stage after a rock concert.
  • "I missed his name too Evie, what was it again?. Something boring and basic like Jim, Bob or Mike wasn't it?", Hiding a victorious grin behind my glass, l spoke then took another greedy drink. Two can play at this game John!!. You have no idea who you messing up with. At my words, a small smile began to lift his lips but he quickly forced it away and cocked an eyebrow at me.
  • "She's funny Evie", He turned his attention to Evie.
  • "It's better than being boring like you.... John", l stepped away from him then catching his reflection in the mirror, l saw him look down at my ass and nod with a playful smile on his face. Yep l just won that round. This was going to be a fun year.
  • He was an asshole but l was also a bitch.