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Chapter 2 The New Roommates

  • My new roommates are crazy. That's the only term l could give them at a moment. I literally just arrived at my new house twenty minutes ago and walked into a full-on keggar. The house was bursting at the seams with bodies and the music was so loud, it felt like my ears were bleeding.
  • Different colored fluorescent lights illuminated the living room where a beer pong table was set up and two teams we're currently battling for a win. As l stared around, my luggage at my feet, l noticed that not a single soul had noticed me standing up here. It was no surprise that l was new but no body seemed to care.
  • I didn't even know what my roommates looked like so there was no way for me to pick them out in this full crowd of people. I guess I could wander upstairs and see if there was a vacant room with my name on the door but something told me that wouldn't be the case either. I enjoyed the good party like the rest of them but come on! This was the type of party you only saw on TV.
  • And this was a new place, what the hell did I get myself into?! Better yet what the hell did Dean Godfrey get me into. I bet he knew it. That son of bitch.
  • As l was standing puzzled, soon a drunk guy stumbling around walked via me but I quickly grabbed his hand. "Hey, I'm looking for the girls who live here, Do you know anywhere l can find them?", I shouted trying to be heard over the music. His brow scrunched up together as if he was trying to process my words but his mind was completely fried.
  • I snapped my fingers in front of his face to get his attention but he hiccuped and I knew it that he was about to get sick. Stepping away from him, l watched him throw up over a dude in front of him. The vomit went all over the guy's back and I had to look away so that I don't involve in a puke-fest. That was so gross....
  • The puke victim cursed out and spun around, finding the drunk guy who had soiled him. "Dude what the fuck!", He brought his hand back and decked the kid right in the face. l silently watched as the kid fall on the floor. Yes he was near me but I wasn't ready to help him. The party goers quickly walked right over to him and helped him.
  • The guy who had puke on his shirt, took his shirt off and threw it on the floor. As soon as he was done, he shockingly just went back to partying after spewing out a few words in another language. "Is that Russian?", My ears perked up but l shrugged my shoulders ignoring it.
  • I surely tried to mindless about the language but I couldn't stop myself from gawking at the one who spoke it. He was now bare chested. Yes, he had muscles that went on for days and a few tattoos licking across his lightly tanned skin. My eyes scanned down his strong pectoral muscles before landing on the most perfect six pack l had ever seen. The guy also had the little V muscle that pointed straight into his jeans.
  • Good. Lord... He was undescribable.
  • When my eyes traveled back to his, l noticed that he was watching me stare at him. Did he just catch me checking him out?! Oh who the hell cares?!. A guy like him knows exactly what he does to the female population. That was all fine but it was the cold stare in return that made me shiver.
  • Here l was staring at him like l was a sucker who wanted to lick until I reached the center but he was looking at me like l was another chick checking him out. Bastard! He seemed so proud of him .
  • "Hey- I heard you were looking for the owners of this place. What business do you have with them?", I spun around and found a tall blonde woman in her early Twenties looking at me with curiousity. She stared down at my luggage before her eyes came back to mine. The aura this girl gave off was intimidating to say at least. I pegged her being the bad ass chick that no body messed up with. Her hair was long down her waistline and several multiple colored strands were mixed in there for a dramatic look. It was fitting and so we're the tight leather pants and equally tight cropped tank she wore.
  • "I'm their new roommate. Came from Arizona. Do you know where l can find them?", I squared my shoulders and spoke with authority. She might be intimidating but so l was. Her eyes gave me a once over before a small smile tugged on at the corner of her lips. "The name is Evelyn but everyone calls me Evie. Welcome to the house", She narrowed her eyes and really stared at me.
  • "I think we will get along, just fine. Your room is on the third floor next to mine, come on l will show you the way", She turned and headed for the stairs. As walked, she shoved people out of her way to make path and I didn't hesitate to follow her. Each flight of stairs we climbed, l noticed how packed it was here just as it was on the first floor.
  • Finally we reached the third floor and Evie shoved a couple making out in front of a Door. "This is you", She stated hooking her thumb over her shoulder. I peeked in and saw a room with a twin sized bed in the center and a single dresser. It wasn't much but I knew after putting up some decorations and unpacking a few of my boxes, it would look like a home in no time.
  • "Thanks", After stepping into the room, l turned to her but she was yelling at someone in the hall before she turned and winked at me. "No problem, put your shit away and then find me downstairs, l would like to properly welcome you to the house", She disappeared quickly out of my sight but her booming voice was loud and clear.
  • With a smile on my face, l shut the door and tossed my luggage onto the end of the bed. I knew it that Evie wanted me to have a drink with her and l would thank her. I surely needed it. Making the bed will be for later.
  • I was just new here but I was surely going to have a drink.