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Chapter 99 Unexpected Disaster

  • "No money?"
  • That fat woman increased the volume of her voice, "If you don't have money, why did you come to stay at Northern Mountain Hospital? Do you think we're stupid? Your bag is worth fifty to sixty thousand right? Also, you're wearing a limited edition brand all over! You're trying to pretend that you're poor now?"
  • After she was done talking, I was so shocked that I almost swallowed my tongue. My clothes, shoes and bags were bought for me by Tang Xiao, and when he gave them to me he even said purposely that it was a good quality fake. I even scolded him for being stingy, but it was actually real?
  • The woman started to gloat and laugh when she saw that I remained silence, "What? I was right? Anyway, I don't care what you say, but if we don’t get the two hundred million inheritance, don't think that we will let you off the hook!"
  • "You…"
  • At this time, I saw two scared nurses in the corner of my eyes like I just saw my savior.
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