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Chapter 93 Harming Each Other

  • "Let you go? You're speaking as if you've been mistreated by me."
  • Tang Xiao snorted, "Li Yahan, I've played around with many women, there were some who are more willing to take the initiative than you, and some who were better than you at having fun. Do you think that a boring, skill-less woman like you really is worth as much as you are now?"
  • The words that he spat out stung my heart, as if I was a commodity that was about to expire soon and I was trying hard to sell myself out in front of him, but he still listed out all my shortcomings so choosily. This made me feel like I was greatly insulted.
  • I looked at him, and said angrily, "Mr. Tang, since you feel that I'm not worth this price, and you're to regret it, you could always fire me. There are so many young and amazing ladies out there so why do you need to keep me around?"
  • "Why would I fire you? I still haven't had enough fun. I like older and uninteresting women, do you have a problem with that? You think that if you tried to anger me, I would let you go, so that you'd have a reason to look for He Feng? Let me tell you, Li Yahan, stop dreaming! I wouldn't leave my possessions to anyone else, even if they were all destroyed!"
  • This time he did not turn around to look at me. His eyes were looking straight ahead, and his expression was calm, but the words that he spoke were cold like thousand-year ice.
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