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Chapter 77 This Is an Accident

  • I pondered before finally opening my mouth.
  • “If it was a few years ago, I would definitely say that I want to have a grand wedding, but now that I am living without desire, I just want to go back to my hometown and give all my money to my mother, telling her that I want to emigrate abroad and told her not to worry about me. "
  • Tang Xiao narrowed his eyes. "You are filial."
  • I did not reply. It was too sad to talk about such things at this time. Ever since I realized that I might be infected, I found that I had been totally silent on the topic of death. I had not lived enough yet and mom still needed somebody to care for her. The more I thought about it, the heavier my heart became.
  • Tang Xiao probably felt that the topic was too heavy so he kept driving his car without a word. An orchestra of insect sound resonated from outside the window, making the air to be particularly solitary.
  • After we returned to the condominium, we were back to our usual life cycle. Tang Xiao would go to work in his company, while I would translate documents at home. We would not exchange much words in a day. Sometimes, we would quarrel when he came back but I would always lose to him. I guessed he must be a member of the debate team when he was in school.
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