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Chapter 76 Awkward Time

  • Seeing that Zhou Yuyao's face was about to become a Hulk, Mingxuan added another dagger again.
  • “I think that you’re very beautiful, can you come more often to play with me?”
  • The instant his words left his mouth, two streaks of murderous gaze swept across the table.
  • Hehe Mingxuan, I like you a lot too but forget it! You parents and even your Auntie Zhou don’t welcome me at all so wouldn’t I just be looking for trouble myself if I were to come?
  • Despite secretly refuting to myself, I still needed to answer him properly. After all, it was only this kid who was the cutest out of the entire Tang family so how could I possibly have the heart to refuse him?
  • I squeezed out a smile that I felt was very friendly. “Of course, I’ll definitely come to see you when I’m free.”
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