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Chapter 63 Charging Into the Ward

  • The instant the phone was hung up, I straightaway heard a series of aggressive high-heels walking sound resonating in the corridor outside, which was followed by the sound of several pairs of hard-soled leather shoes.
  • “Sh*t!”
  • I exclaimed in despair, and promptly woke up to close the door but was stopped by a hand reaching into the ward. I hesitated a little, and the door was opened entirely.
  • Looking at these several fierce men before me, a bad hunch rose in my heart.
  • "What do you guys… want to do?"
  • “You’re Li Yahan, right? You have quite a way huh? I didn’t see you for only a few days and you’ve already caused such a huge trouble for me. To think that you even cause Xiao to be infected with AIDS now? Why are you so filthy?”
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