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Chapter 58 Despicable Man And Woman

  • I did not even think as I returned a slap to her face. In an instant, a burning red handprint was imprinted on her face.
  • Even my own parents had never beaten me, who did she think she was?
  • Perhaps it was because she was used to my gentleness and weakness — the biggest fight we ever had was still limited to mocking and insults between the of us — so this ended up steeling her resolve to slap me. However, she had never thought that I would suddenly become this ruthless. Her expression quickly changed. She looked like she was in disbelief.
  • Of course I had to hit her. I was still troubled over the things that happened these few days. It was her own fault that she bumped into me and ended up as my punching bag.
  • I originally thought that she would come to beat me up in fury, but much to my surprise, she ran behind me and began sobbing.
  • “Brother Zhao, she hit me…”
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