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Chapter 53 Threat

  • As soon as I had finished speaking, I regretted it in a trice.
  • Because Tang Xiao narrowed his slanted eyes dangerously and exerted force on his hand, so strong that he almost pulled my chin off. “Say it again!”
  • His eyes were full of tyranny, making me tremble with fear looking into them. I had finally regained my conscience and stood firmly on my ground so how could I possibly flinch?
  • Closing my eyes, I braced my neck. “I said… I’m moving out."
  • “You dare?”
  • Fumed with rage, he tortured me even more vigorously. The feeling of ecstasy from the lower abdomen made me drowned in the state of fervor, unable to form even a sentence. I could only obey the most primitive desire in my mind and automatically wrapped my hands over his back.
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