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Chapter 408 Why Is There a Traitor?

  • "Did you make a mistake? Tao Jin has been with me during this entire period. I think he has a good character. How could he do such a thing? He is a gentleman..."
  • I dared not continue, because I saw Tang Xiao narrowing his eyes dangerously.
  • "Do you believe in him or me?"
  • I closed my eyes and answered without thinking, "I believe in you."
  • Tang Xiao patted my head. "That's good. But now I'm just simply making a wild guess. I have no evidence at all, but I kept having a feeling that this incident has something to do with him."
  • This knowledge did not sit well with me. Tang Xiao had always disliked Tao Jin. If he wanted to make guesses, then so be it. With Tang Xiao's power, he could have investigated Tao Jin a long time ago if he wanted to. How could he not have any information at all?
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