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Chapter 400 Badly Injured

  • I woke up at once, rubbed my dry eyes and stood up. Lele was still sleeping peacefully in my arms.
  • Tang Xiao woke up. He finally woke up.
  • I still had a lot of things to tell him, and there were many questions that I wanted to ask him, but he was in the ICU. We could not get in, so we could only look through a glass door.
  • Tang Xiao's face was as pale as a piece of paper. He was looking at me with his eyes open. His long eyelashes were like two brushes, trembling gently on his face. Tears welled up as I stared at him.
  • I did not know what he experienced last night. Although I wanted to ask him, I could not do it now. I couldn’t stop blaming myself for not stopping him last night.
  • The third day after Tang Xiao woke up, he moved from the ICU to the VIP ward. His family crowded around him, and I wanted to stay and accompany him.
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