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Chapter 391 Strange

  • Li Shufen sighed when she saw how I was still in disbelief.
  • “Yahan, I am not asking you to forgive me. I merely hope that you won’t divorce Xiao. Xiao truly loves you. He hasn’t accepted any other woman ever since he started being with you. I hope that you won’t hold a grudge against him because of some misunderstandings.”
  • Creepy. This whole thing was just way too weird and creepy. Especially when such words came out of Li Shufen’s mouth, it felt as though a great white shark had suddenly changed its temperament to one of kindness, and began to feed on water plant instead.
  • I kept my eyes locked onto Li Shufen, not speaking a word, terrified that she would pull some scheme again.
  • Tang Xiao pulled me into his arms and gently caressed my face.
  • “What’s wrong? You still look like you don’t believe this. Are you still afraid that I’m tricking you?”
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