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Chapter 387 I Want to Talk to You

  • I was very clear what my feelings toward Tao Jin were.
  • I didn’t love him. I had chosen to be with him out of anger and despair because Tang Xiao left me. Even if Tang Xiao might never return from the States, there was still a large space in my heart for him. No one could take that spot, not even if that someone was Tao Jin.
  • Now that Tang Xiao had returned and all the misunderstandings had been cleared up, it was time for me to talk this properly over with him.
  • I hesitated for a while. There were a few times when I nearly spoke up successfully, but when I saw that anticipation on Tao Jin’s face, my heart softened once again.
  • How should I break it to him? This action would be no different from directly stabbing him in the heart.
  • And yet, I knew that if I didn’t say it now, Tang Xiao—that loose-lipped fellow—would definitely waltz up and brag about this. I should prepare Tao Jin for this instead of facing his interrogations in the future.
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