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Chapter 377 Shameless and Thick-Skinned

  • Misunderstanding? What misunderstanding could we have?
  • I sighed, and just let Tang Xiao pull me back in.
  • “Tao Jin was there as well yesterday, so I didn’t get to tell you everything. Since there’s a misunderstanding between us, then as your husband, I have a duty to explain everything clearly to you. Isn’t that right?”
  • I looked downward and buckled down on my words. “There’s nothing to explain. All I want now is a divorce, all I want is for you to comply—”
  • “Why do we need to divorce? My dear wife, we’re so close…”
  • “Tang Xiao, can you please not bring this up anymore? That closeness is something in the past. RIght now, we can no longer go back to how things were? You have your own family, and I have found my own place to belong to. I no longer love you, so please, just let me have this, will you? Let us separate.”
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