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Chapter 360 Our Secret

  • "Wow, Li Yahan, you're f*cking heartless. How dare you ignore my calls! Are you trying to end our friendship?"
  • I hugged the woman drowned in perfume in my arms who was wearing high heels as tall as stilts. My head was buried in her chest, and it felt like a mother breast feeding a giant baby.
  • After a huge sneeze, I pushed Ran Ran away. "My phone fell, and it seems that it was stolen on my way home. The SIM card was from Brocade City. I was too lazy to make a new one again."
  • "Then why didn't you call me when you changed your phone number? If it's really that inconvenient for you, you could have just sent a message."
  • I responded shamelessly, "I can't remember your number…"
  • "What? You can't remember my phone number? Li Yahan, you ungrateful woman. I'm going to break off my friendship with you!"
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