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Chapter 343 A Narrow Escape

  • “Please don’t speak like this, Su Qian. You will find your own happiness. What happened to you and Tang Xiao was just an accident. You’re such a beautiful and talented woman, you definitely will be able to find someone who loves you…”
  • I could only say these to comfort her, even though I didn’t feel good right now. But, she was still a pregnant mother.
  • I tried to advise her, but I didn’t get any reply. It was the opposite, as she began to sob even more.
  • “Oh dear, Su Qian, please don’t cry. I really cannot bear to see people cry. You’re making me feel like I’m the one bullying you. When Tang Xiao’s mother comes around later, she’s going to blame me for mistreating you…”
  • “Yahan, just ignore what I said. My mind wasn’t in a good place. Tell me… why can’t I have my own life? They want me to marry Tang Xiao, but I don’t want to separate you two… What should I do? Oh, tell me, what should I do?
  • I shut up immediately. If they insisted that she marry Tang Xiao, what should I do? I couldn’t just let Tang Xiao go. We had already walked such a long path, so how could I just let him go just because they said so?
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