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Chapter 3 Escorting Him for Three Days

  • Sitting in the car, I stared blankly out the window thinking about what happened in the past two days. Although I was still unwilling to admit it, when I saw the man with a spurious smile in front of me, I could no longer deceive myself into ignoring the fact that Jiang Zhigang and I had both had an affair.
  • The car sped on the street for about half an hour until it finally reached a very luxurious hotel car park.
  • When I saw the hotel, I cried out loud in my heart. Is he bringing me to a hotel?
  • Recalling Tang Xiao’s unbridled treatment of me on the plane, I could not guarantee that he would not do the same at the windowsill of the hotel.
  • Just when I was feeling hesitant, Tang Xiao had already pulled me to the elevator. There were only two of us in the elevator, making me feel awkward right away.
  • He looked at me from the corner of his eyes and started to sweep his unruly gaze over my slightly exposed chests.
  • I pulled my clothes tighter and shrank to the corner of the elevator, putting some distance between him and I.
  • “You’ve already followed me up now so what’s there left to be afraid of?”
  • He smiled meaningfully, with a weird angle at the corner of his mouth.
  • If it was not for the fact that Tang Xiao had had a hold on me, how could I possibly be stupid enough to go to a hotel with a man I had slept with once before?
  • When the elevator reached the 56th floor, I forced myself to enter the room.
  • Before I could even drop my luggage, Tang Xiao had already thrown me on the bed and began to unfasten the button of my blouse in hurry.
  • I did not intend to resist. I just lied right there letting Tang Xiao's big hand roaming on my body.
  • “What makes you so absent-minded today? You didn’t even realize that I was sitting next to you. Not only that, since we knew each other, I was a little concerned when I saw you not returning after going to the washroom for so long but I didn’t expect you to give me such an unexpected surprise!”
  • He bit my collarbone. It was so painful that I almost screamed.
  • “Why aren’t you replying? Have you turned mute? Why did you get on the plane? For a business trip?”
  • I glared at him silently. Tang Xiao’s breath caressed my neck, which was a taste I could not feel on Jiang Zhigang. This strong hormonal breath made me take pleasure in his embrace, causing me to be consumed with desire.
  • I turned my head away, not looking at his face. “I was going home.”
  • Tang Xiao had already pushed my skirt up to my waist. My blouse had already been unbuttoned halfway, revealing black lacy underwear.
  • Heh, I bought this underwear to please Jiang Zhigang at first but I could not believe it was being torn by another man now.
  • Tang Xiao abruptly pulled and placed me on top of him. With this sudden strength, I was forced to sit on him, with my upper body collapsing pressing down on his chest.
  • The sudden pain coming from my lower body caused me to scream. Tang Xiao covered my mouth with one hand to stop me from making noises while he continued to thrust into me vigorously.
  • “I thought that you were a conservative woman but I can’t believe that you actually like public sex. You really surprised me!”
  • He licked his lips and put on an evil frivolous smile, before planting a kiss on my neck again.
  • My obedience seemed to please him a lot. After he was finished, he lit a cigarette and lied on the bed half-naked, with one hand resting on his slightly messy hair.
  • I silently held up a glass of water to conceal the embarrassment on my face.
  • “There’s no need to be so insatiable if you were only going back home.”
  • Tang Xiao’s unexpected words made me almost choke on the water I was drinking. I could not believe that he would actually still remember what I said. I did not even know how I could actually manage to brush him off.
  • I forced a chuckle and told him that I had a little too much to drink yesterday so I was not sober yet today.
  • Even I did not believe such ridiculous excuse but Tang Xiao did not question anything after hearing it. Relief washed over me at once.
  • “Li Yahan, you’ve successfully aroused my curiosity. You’ll stay with me for three days and I’ll not treat you badly. I’ll send you home after three days."
  • Three days? This man must be a devil! I’ve finally decided to leave Jiang Zhigang but now I’ve been picked on by this devil instead!
  • He extinguished his cigarette end in the glass ashtray and looked at me being dawned in horror with a faint smile on his face.
  • “Don't think too much. The reason I want you to stay with me for three days is because you’re useful.”