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Chapter 297 This Is Just Way Too Eerie

  • Su Qian placed a fatty yet not greasy piece of pork into her mouth and slowly chewed it. She only swallowed it once she had completely chewed the meat into tiny pieces. The way she ate was graceful and unpretentious.
  • “You don’t believe me anyway, so why ask?”
  • Oh wow, that rebuttal had Tang Xiao tongue-tied there.
  • I carefully studied her face. She was frank, there was no hint that she was hiding something. From the looks of it… she really meant what she said?
  • “There’s no way we thought of you like that, Su Qian. We actually don’t have any ulterior motives toward you. Tang Xiao is just someone who looks colder than he actually is. It’s just his personality. He’s actually quite easy to get along with, so don’t think too much about it.
  • Su Qian raised her gaze to look at Tang Xiao after she had polished off a piece of broccoli. “Really?”
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