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Chapter 29 Revealed Truth

  • I first thought that I would shed some tears, like how I wept my heart out when I first learnt that Jiang Zhigang had betrayed me, but I did not at all.
  • I was calm as I slowly walked back to the condominium. Sitting on the sofa, I carefully ran my minds over the bits and pieces with Tang Xiao these days, and found that I did not care about him that much.
  • Tang Xiao had just appeared at the right time when I was being put down by Jiang Zhigang, making me hold onto him tightly like he was a life-saving straw, regarding him as another spiritual dependency.
  • Tang Xiao and I were nothing but a spur-of-the-moment passion. I was so, and so was he. Nobody deceived anybody, and both of us were willing parties.
  • After sorting out these things in my mind, I relaxed a lot, considering myself lucky that I did not jump from one trap to another.
  • At night when it was slightly over 9 p.m., Tang Xiao returned, accompanied by a perfume smell uniquely belonging to women.
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