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Chapter 286 We Can Still Be Friends

  • It was Tao Jin who called.
  • As soon as I saw his name, I remembered what happened in the hotel that night. Ever since Tang Xiao rescued me, I never contacted Tao Jin again. Why did he call today?
  • To prevent Tang Xiao from being jealous, I had to pretend that I could not hear the phone well, and ran to the other side of the square to answer the phone. Tang Xiao looked at me from a distance, but did not come over.
  • Only then I answered the phone. "Hello, Tao Jin, Happy New Year. May you be blessed with abundance of prosperity."
  • The person on the other side of the phone was stunned for a few seconds. His surroundings were also very noisy. I could hear the ending song of the Spring Festival Gala from his side.
  • Then he spoke slowly in a Southern Min dialect. I was a little puzzled and did not know what it meant.
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