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Chapter 276 Something Went Terribly Wrong

  • “There is so much information in your sentence. Quick, explain it to me.”
  • I didn’t waste a second and started grilling Tang Xiao, but he just rolled his eyes at me.
  • “Look at you, how did you become so nosy now?”
  • I snorted at his remark. “You don’t get it. This is called the invisible battle between women. To win the battle, you have to understand your own strength and more importantly, know your enemy as well. Men wouldn’t get it.”
  • Tang Xiao rudely knocked on my head. “With such a level of intelligence, you should be grateful that Fan Yunan didn’t defeat you in a second. You are way too ambitious to talk about your own strength and knowing your enemy.”
  • I was immediately dismayed by what I heard. I retorted, “What do you mean? Don’t be with me if you think I’m dim-witted. That girl here just now was not bad. She has both great body and great acting skill. Some girls with big bosom are pretty smart, so maybe both of you would end up together.”
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