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Chapter 245 The Man Who Is Throwing A Tantrum

  • I really felt like weeping. These two even wanted to compete in this kind of thing? What if something happened to them?
  • At this time, Tang Xiao stood up from the floor and went to the side of the refrigerator to get alcohol.
  • My heart was burning with anxiety, so I pulled Tao Jin aside and stopped them from having an alcoholic competition. Yet, Tang Xiao kept taunting us at the side, "Just say it directly if you don't have the guts. I look down on men who use women as an excuse the most."
  • I looked up and glared at Tang Xiao. "You want to drink alcohol right? Fine, I will drink with you! Do you dare to do so?"
  • Tao Jin pushed me away with a sullen expression. "This matter has nothing to do with you. Don't worry, I won't lose."
  • These two stubborn men!
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