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Chapter 23 Explanation

  • I bought an overnight plane ticket planning to fly home. Tang Xiao insisted on going with me. Glaring at him, I told him that my parents did not know him and what would happen if they thought that he was my lover.
  • After all, I had not dared to tell my parents about my imprisonment by Jiang Zhigang and the divorce with him. Dad had heart problem and I was not sure if he would get a heart attack if I told him these ridiculous matters.
  • Not only that, he was already boiling with rage on the phone. How could I possibly dare to add fuel to the fire?
  • Tang Xiao smiled slyly, making me wonder what he was thinking.
  • "Am I not your lover?"
  • His words made me speechless. He was right. In a sense, he was indeed my lover.
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