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Chapter 219 A Small Episode

  • I did not know if it was because God had heard the sound of my heart breaking, but at this moment, snow began to fall from above us.
  • Feigning ignorance, I looked up to the sky as if nothing happened, and reached my hand out to catch a snowflake that soon melted into a pool of water in my hand.
  • “Oh, the first snow of the year. It’s been a long time…”
  • Tao Jin frowned a little. “Yeah, it's a little cold outside. Then again, the last time I saw snow was the heavy snowfall I encountered when I went on a business trip to England. This is the first time I see snow in our own country.”
  • I nodded. “Yeah, I’ve been in this city for several years, and this is the first snow I see.”
  • The topic was very dry, so both of us fell into silence.
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