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Chapter 180 Ruffling You Up

  • After hearing Fan Yunan's startled cry, like I was possessed by an Oscar winner, I immediately pretended to put on a dumb look, like a girl who had been molested, and gave Tang Xiao a slap.
  • “M-Mr. Tang, y-you jerk!”
  • When I exasperatedly turned around and picked up my room card to open the door, I sneaked a glance at Fan Yunan’s expression. Her jaw was hung open, a look of disbelief on her face.
  • Before closing the door, I deliberately looked at Tang Xiao. With a hand over his cheek, he was looking at me with a thoughtful expression. I guessed he must be dumbstruck too.
  • I squinted at him, and slammed the door in his face with a loud bang, not before flashing a sweet smile at him.
  • Lying on the bed, I was excited for a long time, so excited that I almost rolled around guffawing loudly in bed. I reckoned my acting must be rather good. After slapping him, the look on my face was one of innocent and upset—the typical look one would have after being violated.
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