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Chapter 173 Why Should We Go Together?

  • When we were having breakfast, I suddenly asked him, “Aren’t you and Fan Yunan going to see your parents this week? Now that you’ve decided to go to Gulangyu for business trip by yourself, aren’t you afraid that your little sweetheart will get angry?”
  • He shredded the slices of bread in his hands and chewed slowly. Only after he had swallowed it that he slowly told me, “I’ve called her and said that I will be on a business trip this week. I’ll take her to see my parents next week instead.”
  • “Oh,” I replied, suddenly curious about how they met.
  • “Tang Xiao, what major did you study?"
  • He gave me a blank look. “Economy, what's wrong?"
  • “What about Fan Yunan? What did she study?”
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