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Chapter 163 I Don’t Like Her

  • That woman was the one Tang Xiao liked, but not the woman I liked, so I definitely would not let him go so easily.
  • However, before carrying out these wicked things, I secretly made some preparations.
  • I secretly sold all of the expensive things—such as bags, clothes, and jewelry—Tang Xiao bought for me, leaving only a few clothes that I wore more often, but because I felt uneasy, I did not dare to sell at a price that was too high. I only managed to get about 300,000 for the seven to eight items that I sold.
  • Then again, I reckoned this 300,000 should be enough, at the very least, it was enough for mum's pension.
  • I was only in my twenties, and I still had much time to work hard. At worst, I could go to a third-tier or fourth-tier city to live in seclusion in the future. It would be enough even if I could only get a salary of 2,000 or 3,000 monthly.
  • After selling all these items, I quickly transferred the money to my mother, leaving no more worries for myself. At the very least, I did not have to worry about Tang Xiao threatening me with money if I had a fall out with him in the future.
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