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Chapter 162 Revenge

  • I had to say that I quite enjoyed this state of doing nothing. In short, I had a lot of free time to torment Tang Xiao every day. I guessed it could also be regarded as adding a little flavor to my bland life.
  • I wondered if it was because of the connection between a mother and her daughter, but on the second day of my hospital stay, mum called and said that she dreamed that I was crying. The moment I heard her saying so, sadness immediately consumed me, but I still forced a smile on as I replied her.
  • “Mum, I’m okay. I'm just a bit tired from work recently. You must take good care of yourself at home. I’ll send you some money as soon as I receive my paycheck next week.”
  • Her voice evidently sounded a little low in spirit. She was always sighing, making me feel uneasy here.
  • Tang Xiao had made the hospital into his makeshift office these days, as he started to take the role of becoming a ‘professional' caretaker. In fact, I believed that the reason he was here everyday was to monitor me, for he feared that I would run away. Well, I must admit that such thought had crossed my mind before. If it was not for the fact that I still held grudges at him, I would have long sneaked and run away.
  • His days spent in my ward was leisure and carefree, with his desk located opposite my bed. Every day when I was lying in bed, I would see him sitting right in front of me with a poker face on, causing me to feel constipated the more I looked at him.
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