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Chapter 16 Being Slandered

  • If Jiang Zhigang had not appeared, I would have forgotten that this restaurant was close to his office, and that he would usually come here for lunch too.
  • Jiang Zhigang’s eyes continued to size me up and down, with a gaze so fierce that it felt like as though he was stripping the skin of my body away.
  • After studying Tang Xiao who was next to me, he seemed to have come to an understanding.
  • “No wonder you were so eager to divorce me. So it actually turns out that you’re having an affair as well.”
  • That word ‘as well’ seemed to be implying that I was the same kind of person as him. It was absolutely sickening.
  • I continued to eat my food and ignored his absurd words. I never wanted to have anything to do, or talk, or any exchange of look, with such a person anymore in my life!
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