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Chapter 127 Why Do You Hold a Grudge Against Me?

  • This time I was not so lucky. I fell to the ground and came into close contact with the red carpet.
  • While I was lying on the ground, everyone from the company kept laughing, as if they were going to flip over the floor.
  • I did not understand these people. Once they had the chance to catch someone embarrassing themselves, they would never easily let go of this rare, good opportunity, as if they themselves had never embarrassed themselves before.
  • There were even a few women wearing high heels nearby who were taking pictures of me. The lights flashed, as if it was full of blatant ridicule.
  • I did not understand why they acted so meanly towards me. But I thought, these were mostly due to the 'glory' that Tang Xiao had given me.
  • Forget it, I might as well lie down on the floor and pretended to be weak and soft. It would be even better if I pretended to be in shock. How comfortable it was to lie down on the carpet, at least I did not have to see their mocking eyes.
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