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Chapter 109 Hoarding Your Family

  • As soon as we came out of the fitting room, I took the package handed by the store assistant and quickly ran away with a blush.
  • Tang Xiao laughed extraordinarily happily after paying behind me.
  • What a bastard!
  • After a day, Tang Xiao went back for inspection in the morning. The venue had been fully decorated. All that was awaited was the guests to arrive in the evening.
  • When the sun was going down in the afternoon, I sat in Tang Xiao's Bentley and went with him. Since it was a birthday banquet, Tang Xiao simply bought a villa as a gift and planned to give it to his dad at the banquet.
  • I did not want to go initially, for after all, his family had never welcomed me, but I was forced by Tang Xiao as he dragged me here by force.
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