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Chapter 101 A Mean Person

  • “If I hadn’t lied to you, you’d have left with that femme fatale…”
  • When I saw that his gaze became increasingly sharper, I sensibly swallowed the words back into my stomach.
  • “I mean… I was just afraid that you’d be seduced by her, so uhm… I’d lose my job if that happened.”
  • I had no choice. I must say these words that were against my conscience. In any case, it was all because of me that he ended up like this now. Ah, since he was injured, I must cajole him a little.
  • His expression softened, “That’s more like it. Just tell me frankly if you love me. There’s not need to be shy. Besides, I’ve seen every inch of you so what’s there to be shy of anyway?”
  • I just gave him an inch and he immediately took a mile.
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