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Chapter 26 Tommy’s New Little Helper

  • His new habit turned out to be a huge help. He was energized, he can fully function throughout his grueling schedule. No more body aches, no more fatigue, his mind was sharp and alert, more importantly, he can make love to Charlie more often than before.
  • The only down point was he needed his fix a little more everyday to make him feel at his prime. When little wouldn't do, he had to have more to feel a little better than before.
  • To support this new habit, he needed a support system so he could keep it casual, yet hidden from people who didn't need to know about it. He attended after work parties more often, surrounded himself with those who shared the same lifestyle.
  • He spent less than three hour sleep every night, with Charlie living apart from him, and their schedule being so busy, his new habit went unnoticed. He tried his hardest not to succumb to the temptation around him. At parties, the women were wild and relentless. But he wasn't there for the sex, he was there for the fix. He kept it that way, so far.
  • The girls were all over him, he was slowly making a name for himself, and he was a carcass to the vultures. He made sure everyone knew he had a girlfriend, not that it mattered anything to anyone, but he tried. When he entered that world, he was summoning the devil half believing he was going to make it out unscathed.
  • Charlie was wearing his shirt with nothing else, she sat on the bed looking through her papers and books. Tommy laid naked beside her caressing her bare legs. Charlie showed him a few of her graded papers, she's got an A and an A+. "Professor Winthrope said I got potential," she smiled. "We kinda hit it off on a bad start, I worked my ass off for his assignments and he was happy with the results ... me too, I guess, I might be his favorite student now," she said with glittery eyes.
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